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Air Fryer Bacon

Did you recognize that air poulet bacon could be a thing? i will be able to show you specifically a way to cook bacon within the air poulet. And y’all! it's the foremost excellent, most delicious bacon I actually have ever had. Seriously!

Air Fryer Bacon

I am not even that massive of a bacon eater, however this can be sooooo sensible. when you are attempting this methodology for change of state bacon, you'll ne'er be intimate the other approach. It’s a complete game-changer, people. 🙌🏻

Why? it's such a lot easier and fewer mussy than stovetop, microwave or baking within the kitchen appliance. it's straightforward, largely hands off, and the grease effortlessly falls off into the lower reservoir.

Air Fryer Bacon


  • 11 slices bacon (I am using Trader Joe's, and it is a thick cut)


  1. Divide the bacon in half, and place the first half in the air fryer.
  2. Set the temperature at 400 degrees, and set the timer to 10 minutes (possibly less time for thinner bacon).
  3. Check it halfway through to see if anything needs to be rearranged (tongs are helpful!).
  4. Cook remainder of the time. Check for desired doneness. I like mine extra crispy so I did about 1.5 minutes extra for a total of 11.5 minutes, and mine was perfect.
Recipe From : A Pinch Of Healthy

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